Online Cooking Classes



I love seeing people’s faces light up when they cook something they never thought they could!
– Ana Bella

What Clients Are Saying...

“Since starting your private cooking class, I’ve had a lot of food in the house that I normally don’t buy, and so I’ve been eating a lot more variety each week. I feel I have a bit more energy as a result.”

Chrissy N.

“Chef Ana Bella was awesome and definitely made the class engaging. I could tell by her energy and enthusiasm that she really loves cooking which made it even more enjoyable to learn from her. She’s also very funny! I enjoyed the nutritional information she provided about the ingredients we were using. Thanks for a great class! We had a great time and will be attending more classes in the future!”

Judy T.

“Ana Bella had a great personality; cheerful, humorous and she was so enthusiastic about her healthy style of Thai cooking. This is an excellent class. Lively pace, fun and the recipes were simply fabulous!” 

Deborah C.

“Good humour, good instructions, good food, good fun and good cooking tips.”

Diane S.